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Seller’s market in Stevens County

What is a seller's market? A seller's market occurs when there is a low inventory of homes on the...

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by Tammy Ringer

How to value your home in today’s market

Contact a real estate broker!  It’s FREE. One of the primary duties as a real estate broker is to provide a market analysis to sellers wanting a better idea of what their home is worth.  There are a lot of factors that goes into determining value and you should take advantage of the expertise of […]

Why Lender Pre-Approval is a must in a fast moving market

It is a seller’s market out there and there are multiple reasons to be pre-approved BEFORE you start your home search. #1  You want to be searching in the right price range for your budget.  Interest rates are at all time lows and you may be able to increase your buying power and open up […]

2020 Recap

As we reflect on 2020 I think we can all agree that it has been like nothing we’ve seen before.  Our business practices have changed to incorporate wearing masks, taking precautions to protect the people around us, and meeting clients at locations other than the office.   Our brokers are working from home and coming into […]

Does a home warranty benefit you?

Home warranties have been around for quite awhile and have some benefits for both buyers and sellers. A home warranty will cost between $350-$700 depending on the plan that is purchased.  A  buyer or seller can purchase a home warranty during negotiations or even after the purchase of a new home.  Home warranties can vary, […]

Why choose a local Realtor?

Why do local sellers list their properties with brokers that are out of the area?  I’ve heard sellers say that they will get better exposure, maybe they are not getting “full services” and are paying a smaller fee or possibly it is a friend or family member.  Here are some things for sellers to think […]

Twelve amenities that are important for buyers.

I would say the majority of buyers in our area are coming from other locations.  We hear similar requests over and over and thought our office would share the top requests. 1.Privacy.  Many of the buyers moving into our area want to be in the country and enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with […]

Seller’s market in Stevens County

What is a seller’s market? A seller’s market occurs when there is a low inventory of homes on the market and an abundance of buyers. The supply vs demand also causes prices to increase over time. Our area has an influx of new buyers, no new building developments and we need homes to sell. If […]