Twelve amenities that are important for buyers.

Twelve amenities that are important for buyers.

I would say the majority of buyers in our area are coming from other locations.  We hear similar requests over and over and thought our office would share the top requests.

1.Privacy.  Many of the buyers moving into our area want to be in the country and enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with a rural location.  Some people had bad experiences with neighbors, some have animals, some just don’t want to hear anything but the birds.

2.Creek.  Live water is a growing request.  We are blessed enough to have an abundance of water.  Buyers who come from Arizona or California may have water concerns, they may want to hear the sound of a babbling brook, or they may plan to live off the land.

3.One Level living.  Many buyers are baby boomers and need the convenience of a one level house.  If the master bedroom, bathroom and laundry are all on one level this may work great.

4.Acreage close to town.  It seems like 20 acres is a common request.  20 acres close to town creates a whole new challenge because the options are limited.

5.  A high producing well.  All of our homes on acreage have some source of water that could be a drilled well, dug well or developed spring.  This is important for buyers because some lenders, or types of loans will not finance a house on a dug well or developed spring.  Drilled wells are the most desirable from a lending stand point.  If a buyer is not used to being on a private well there will be a learning curve that comes along with the purchase.

6. Shop.  We live in such a great area that residents can enjoy boats, RVs, ATVs, bikes, hiking, tractors and all kinds of toys.  Storage is important and a shop is the best way to accommodate a buyers precious possessions.

7. View. This area is known to be called Panorama Land, and for good reason.  Rivers, lakes, mountains, valleys, wildlife are all a part of why we live here.  There is a lot of opportunity for spectacular views and a home that takes advantage of a view will bring top dollar.

8. Clean & Well Maintained house.  First impression is everything.  When walking through a clean, decluttered home the buyers can visualize their items in the house and see themselves living there.  If the home is messy or has an unpleasant odor that is all they can think about and they just move on to the next home. If you are selling a home I would highly suggest trying to look at it through a buyer’s eyes.  You can take two exact homes, one that is freshly painted, clean and smells good and one that has peeling paint, clutter and smells like the household pets and the clean house will sell faster every time.

9. Natural light.  Buyers are looking for homes with lots of windows, light walls and tall ceilings.

10. Access.  Some buyers like paved accesses (not gravel) and some like easy access (no narrow roads or steep hills).  Winter maintenance is also a big factor when buyers are making decisions.

11. Two or more bathrooms. In today’s world buyers are looking for two bathrooms and a master bath is a plus.

12. Animal Friendly. Animals are a big part of families and it is important that a house accommodate their fur babies.  CCR’s, pasture, fenced yards are all factors that determine if a property is “pet friendly”.



Tammy Ringer

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