Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring Home Maintenance

As a homeowner it is important to do seasonal upkeep on your home, keeping up on these seasonal tasks will help prevent bigger problems in the future.


Clean and remove debris from the gutters

Walk around and do a full inspection of the home’s exterior, such as roofs and siding and fix any damage you may see such as paint or loose shingles.

Prune trees and bushes for curb appeal and to promote healthy growth

Discard any plants or shrubs that may not have survived the winter season

Examine doors and windows and caulk around any that have spaces, also check screens on windows for any damage or holes

Check decking for loose or warped boards and loose screws, repaint or stain if needed

Look over patio for cracked cement, pavement, or pavers, seal and repair if needed

Test all gas and battery-operated lawn equipment

Fix any cracks or potholes in the driveway

Prime the sprinkler system and make sure sprinkler heads are not blocked or broken

Inspect for pest damage and treat accordingly

Clean and change bulbs in outdoor lighting


Clean and dust everything

Test smoke detectors and replace if more than 10 years old or replace batteries

Clean underneath and inside all major appliances and check hoses and cords for damage

Service air-conditioning and furnace systems and replace air filters

Clean windows, tracks, and screens

Check the basement for cracks and leaks

Inspect weather stripping on doors and replace if needed

Deep clean carpets and floors

Here is a list of a few local recommended professionals that can assist you with your home maintenance needs. 

Colville Glass

Guardian Pest Control

Hedrick’s Floral

Long Irrigation

Merle Door and Window




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