Why list your home in the Winter?

Why list your home in the Winter?
  1. Inventory is low and demand is strong. You have a better chance of selling your home during the winter when there is less inventory on the market. People tend to list their homes early Spring, by listing in the winter you have less competition with homes in your area.
  2. Buyers are motivated. People don’t want to bundle up and travel during the winter months unless they are serious about buying. Many are relocating for work and ready to buy NOW.
  3. Lenders are not as busy. Loans cans be processed faster once the offer is under contract, making closings go faster.
  4. Show that your home is cold weather ready. By listing in the winter, you can show that your home is designed to handle the long cold winter months, which outlast the warmer spring and summer months in our area.
  5. Year-­­end bonuses and tax returns give buyers the affordability to make a down payment, making the home buying process easier and faster.
  6. Get closer to your asking price. Buyers who are shopping in the winter are serious about buying and so they are less likely to want to go thru the negotiation process, which can prolong the sale, getting you a better offer off the top.
  7. Top priority to your listing agent. Inventory will be down as people wait for Spring to list their homes, allowing your agent more time to focus on you and your needs.
  8. The internet doesn’t care about the seasons. Buyers are still searching. Many buyers who started looking to purchase a home in the previous Spring or Summer and were unsuccessful are still getting online everyday and hoping to see fresh inventory because they are still ready to buy.
  9. Homes are warm and cozy in the Winter. This gives buyers a warm, welcome feeling as they enter your home. This instantly creates an envision of what they can expect during the shorter, colder days that winter tends to bring.
  10. Look at the reasons you decided to sell in the first place and decide if those reasons are worth waiting for or if it is time to move on and list your house now.

Tammy Ringer

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